For the last 3 years, goPuff and Avalon Realty Associates, L.L.C., have been a match
made in heaven. goPuff is a young company that is constantly evolving, so naturally they need a
Real Estate Company that can rapidly adapt to their ever – changing strategy and business needs.
Avalon was up to the task and has now completed over 75 projects with goPuff across the
country. A few qualities that can be attributed to the successful partnership include a rapid
response rate paired with swift action. Avalon also has a vast network of connections that we put
to use for our clients’ overall benefit. The old saying “time is money” still rings true to this day
and combining all of these traits has allowed for exponential growth for both parties.

The perfect embodiment of goPuff is the Director of Real Estate, Endri Gina. Carlo J.
Santucci, partner and managing broker of Avalon Realty Associates, speaks very highly of the
young engineering mogul, saying, in part, “Endri Gina is a person who demonstrates leadership
with the utmost of integrity, while still processing a clear vision of goals, which are executed
efficiently and professionally. I have had the pleasure of working with Endri for the past four
years on multiple successful projects, where his acumen and our Real Estate knowledge have
delivered proven results.”

Avalon prides itself on the individual care and effort put towards every client. The
assembly line worked great in the 1900s, but cookie cutter type service is a thing of the past, and
you best believe Avalon intends to leave it there! The best way to describe how Avalon handles
business is with the Golden Rule: treating others how you want to be treated. Working with
Avalon qualifies you for our personal guarantee that we will Manage, Market, and Sell your
property like we own it. Let us know what Avalon can do for you!