Last week, Facebook announced that they are set to open a 900,000+ square-foot, $40 million Data Center in Dekalb, Illinois. The data center, Facebook’s 12th in the United States, is being touted as one of “the most advanced, energy- and water-efficient data center facilities in the world.” One of the main reasons to support this claim is the projected use of 100% renewable energy and the use of 80% less water than the average data center.

According to the article written by NBC 5 Chicago, the data center is projected to bring about 100 new long-term operational jobs to Illinois. Also, the construction of the Center will bring along hundreds of job opportunities from electricians and masonry workers to landscaping and security personnel.

While data centers are very unique in concept and functionality, there is a common theme between them and traditional industrial buildings: The more we as a society move online, the greater the need for physical space to accommodate more products, technology, etc. There is a strong argument to be made that Industrial real estate is not only thriving but is going to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

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