Are you having trouble finding qualified buyers for a commercial property? If you’re selling real estate and want to speed up the process, there are plenty of ways to spread awareness and make the property in question more appealing to your target demographic.

The following strategies should help you attract the attention of the right buyers and achieve the best possible deal. Here’s how to sell commercial real estate fast.

1. Know your target demographic.

If you want to sell a commercial property fast, it’s vital to consider which companies and individuals are most likely to show interest in it, according to Small Business Brief. This will guide your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re selling an office building, you’ll likely advertise via different channels and methods than you would leverage to market industrial real estate.

2. Ensure the price is right.

If your listing isn’t generating any interest despite your best efforts, one potential problem is pricing. Evaluate how it compares to what sellers charge for other similar properties in the area in addition to considering local economic trends. Conducting a commercial real estate market analysis might prove useful.

3. Launch a multimedia marketing campaign.

You’ll find the right buyer faster if you spread the word about the property you’re selling via multiple channels. That includes physical promotional materials like flyers and signs as well as virtual media like emails, social media posts, and online listings.

4. Make your property more energy efficient.

Eco-friendly buildings appeal more to modern real estate buyers, especially considering new environmental, social and government regulations. Sustainability is now a top priority for property owners, investors, and managers, according to the PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2024 report.

The Avalon team can help make your building more energy-efficient in various ways, such as upgrading to LED lighting, installing energy-saving equipment and fixtures, and deploying a more efficient HVAC system. For more information, check out our previous blog entry, “How to Make a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient.”

5. Partner with an experienced commercial real estate broker.

The right commercial real estate broker can streamline the process of selling your property by leveraging local marketplace knowledge, negotiation skills, and advanced real estate expertise and experience.

The Avalon Realty Associates team will market your property like we own it via our full-service brokerage system. We can tackle pricing model creation, property inspection, multimedia marketing efforts, and more.

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