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Our team is composed of seasoned project managers and superintendents whose aggregate experience in the Chicago area construction market totals over 100 years, and $1 billion in completed work.

Property Management

Managing It Like We Own It

When we manage a building like we own it, it means we plan strategically, control operating expenses and provide cost-conscious construction administration. We make your property one that AVALON would be proud to put its name on.

Not only does AVALON make sure your property gives a good first impression, we will also make sure it will look and even feel well-managed, down to the smallest details. For example, cleanliness gets high priority as does spot-on maintenance from well-tended landscaping to an inviting entrance, even a well-maintained parking area.

While AVALON makes your property attractive to tenants, we adhere to a carefully planned accounting system including monthly customized reports. AVALON employs a profitability matrix that trains tenants to pay on time by making clear that rent payment is not optional and paying late will result in finance charges. Bottom line: Combining AVALON’s tight financial management with our quick-response 24/7 accessibility means you have happy tenants and we have a happy client – you.

Real Estate Brokerage

Understanding It Like We Own It

AVALON markets your property like we own it with a full-service brokerage system that represents buyers and sellers.  AVALON clients work with a seasoned brokerage team that has a deep knowledge of the National and Chicago tristate real estate markets and experience managing and leasing commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties.

AVALON believes information is power, and to keep you competitive, we put that power in your hands. In addition to providing a thorough, detailed financial analysis essential to your decision-making process, we pinpoint vital up-to-the-minute acquisition and disposition data and trends from the locale where you are buying or selling.

For acquisitions, AVALON does everything from needs assessment to market analysis to contract and closing. If you are selling a property, AVALON’s full service includes creating a pricing model, inspecting the property, offering ideas to improve the sales price, and creating multimedia marketing promotions.

Finally, AVALON addresses the issues that inevitably arise during an acquisition or sale of a property like they were our issues – with speed and decisiveness.

Tenant Representation

Representing It Like We Own It

As a corporation with multiple businesses and divisions, sometimes you are not only a landlord, but a tenant as well. AVALON considers a leased business space ideal when it maximizes the potential of a company’s employees. And we apply that standard when representing you as a tenant.

We search out and find that perfect space that will take you and your talented staff to the next level. AVALON carefully studies your corporation’s leasing needs and keeps a sharp eye on details such as lease negotiation, financial strategy and modeling.

For example, AVALON researchers will study the labor pool near potential locations, including demographics, population density, income averages, and even how employees will get to work and travel time. Finally, AVALON design and construction specialists will create an environment where everyone will enjoy working . . . including you, of course.

Property Investment

Protecting Your Investment Like We Own It

Whether you are an individual investor or an institution/corporation, AVALON will manage your investment brokerage like we were investing our own money. AVALON believes the art of the deal begins with your goals.

AVALON builds the foundation for business plans and marketing programs on what you want to achieve. We maintain that focus whether we are negotiating, researching, and closing the deal on a million-square-foot property or a single freestanding one-story building.

Institutional and entrepreneurial acquisitions and dispositions and large and small portfolio transactions all benefit from an AVALON team with a string of successes. Just three examples:

The disposition of a $22 million shopping center on Chicago’s North Shore

The disposition of a 60+ acre parcel of premium retail land in the heart of Buffalo Grove’s business district

The acquisition of a 120,000-square-foot, multistory office building/data center in the City of Chicago

Turning Vacancies Into Opportunities

Leasing It Like We Own It

AVALON turns your vacant space into an opportunity by employing our highly effective four-step process:


Whether you are an individual investor or an institution/corporation, AVALON will manage your investment brokerage like we were investing our own money. AVALON believes the art of the deal begins with your goals.


Is your property easy to reach and find? Is there public transportation nearby? Is there parking for businesses with large staffs?


AVALON will target your “Tenant Profile” with pinpoint messaging that includes leveraging AVALON’s digital and direct mail database capabilities with mailings and proprietary email efforts. In addition, your property gets exposure on the AVALON website.


AVALON will create flyers showcasing your vacant floor space-with a variety of possible configurations. And AVALON will get new tenants up and running fast – not the standard 3-to-6 months, but in as little as 60 days–so you get your first rent check fast.

Energy Efficiency

Making It Environmentally Efficient Like We Own It

AVALON believes that for a property to be environmentally friendly, it must first strive for maximum energy efficiency. And by being energy strategic, AVALON designs your property so it uses less energy and utilizes green energy techniques.

For example, AVALON consultants will investigate the historical energy consumption of your property and then put the energy contract for that property out to bid. The result: one-to-two-year contracts that lock in an efficient, cost-saving rate for your company.

Being green with AVALON could mean having a building with its own wind generator or using a technology as simple as a “variable frequency drive,” or VFD, that will pay for itself in savings in about 18 months. When AVALON makes your building energy efficient, you can use that efficiency as a selling point with tenants or potential buyers who will share in the cost savings.

And finally, as you may have noticed, AVALON’S corporate color is green.

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