Have you ever stopped to stare into a store window while walking down the street, captivated by the artful arrangement of products? If so, you’re already aware of the power of a carefully curated retail window display. While other avenues of advertising have a broader impact, thoughtfully showcasing merchandise in an eye-catching way can bring in a significant amount of foot traffic. As passers-by glance at your shop’s window, you have the chance to make a memorable first impression and boost sales.

If you’d like to attract more prospective customers to your retail store, these tips should help you present your merchandise in a way that turns heads.

1. Define your target audience and design displays with them in mind.

To concoct a hypnotizing scene for your store’s front window, you’ll need to first consider who you’d like to mesmerize, according to the blog entry “16 Window Display Tips to Captivate Shoppers and Drive in-Store Traffic” from Vend by Lightspeed. For instance, a clothing store targeting teenagers should utilize different colors and themes than a retailer offering professional attire for middle-aged women.   

2. Switch it up in line with the seasons but stay away from clichés.

A window display that captures the spirit of the season can easily drum up business for retail stores. However, Vend advises coming up with an out-of-the-ordinary approach that avoids typical decorations (e.g., pumpkins piled up for Halloween). For example, the blog highlights a hardware store that celebrated the spooky season by displaying brooms in its front window, hung sideways as if they were flying against an orange backdrop.

3. Choose colors wisely.

People often associate colors with certain emotions, so you should select hues for your displays with the psychological color wheel in mind, according to the Fit Small Business article “16 Tips for Creating Stunning Store Window Displays.” Red, for example, commonly inspires boldness and excitement, while green can perpetuate feelings of peacefulness and growth.

4. Don’t overcomplicate it.

If there’s too much going on in terms of products and colors, prospective customers might feel overwhelmed and end up passing you by, Fit Small Business cautions. Aim to have one product that serves as the star of the show (ideally at eye level) surrounded by accessories against a backdrop that fits the theme.

5. Keep your eyes open for inspiration.

You might have a vision of a winning window display influenced by a song, movie, season, or walk in the woods. Keep an open mind and see what inspires you, Vend recommends. Pinterest can also serve as a useful way to find and organize aesthetic ideas.

Ultimately, putting time and effort into the art of retail display can bring in plenty of business. However, finding the ideal location for your store matters just as much. The Avalon team can help if you’re searching for Chicago commercial retail space for lease. You can look at our property listings online for available commercial real estate in Illinois and beyond and reach out to our realtors for guidance.

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