You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come,” a slight misquote from the film “Field of Dreams.” However, real life isn’t exactly like the movies. In the world of commercial real estate, it typically takes some effort beyond construction to attract tenants to a vacant property.

If you’re a property owner with an unoccupied commercial space on your hands, there are various strategies you can employ to ensure it won’t stand empty for too long. The following tactics can help you bring in and retain high-quality commercial real estate tenants.

1. Determine your top selling points.

Ask yourself what makes the property stand out and what advantages you can emphasize to potential tenants. Does it have ample parking? Is it easily accessible via public transportation? If so, be sure to list those perks on all promotional materials.

2. Raise awareness about the vacancy.

A commercial real estate firm like Avalon can leverage digital and direct mailing capabilities to target prospective tenants that match your ideal profile. We can send out physical promotional materials and emails advertising the open space in addition to showcasing it on our website.

3. Give the building a makeover, inside and out.

Modern-looking and well-maintained structures tend to appeal more to tenants seeking commercial space, according to the PropertyTalk article “4 ways landlords can attract new tenants to their commercial property.” The Avalon team offers a wide range of property management and development services to help make commercial properties as attractive as possible.

For instance, we prioritize conscientious landscaping, cleanliness and parking area maintenance. We can even oversee the complete construction of new commercial buildings from scratch.  

4. Ensure your building is energy efficient.

Many people consider environmental factors when making business decisions these days. As a result, energy efficiency can increase your property’s appeal to prospective tenants. Additionally, lowering energy consumption has the bonus of containing costs while eliminating waste.

The Avalon team has experience leveraging green techniques such as retrofitting buildings with LED lights and deploying wind generators. For additional information, check out our previous blog entry: “How to Make a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient.”

If you’d like additional recommendations on how to bring in tenants or would like us to tackle the task for you, please visit our client services page for further information on our offerings. You can also connect with our team today by calling 847-506-1000 or emailing