Sometimes it’s easier to tackle tasks on your own. However, finding available commercial real estate and negotiating a lease for your business is often difficult without expert guidance.   

For example, when business owners scout property independently by looking for “Space for Lease” signs, they often learn that there actually aren’t any vacancies in the building, according to the LoopNet article “Should I Hire a Tenant Rep Broker?

If you want to avoid dead ends like misleading signs, save time, and ensure you get the best deal possible on commercial property for your business, you should consider tenant representation services. Whether you’re looking to lease office space or searching for a prime location for your restaurant, a tenant rep can leverage insider knowledge of the market and high-level negotiating skills to achieve an optimal outcome for your organization.   

Here are a few of the most notable advantages of opting for tenant representation services instead of striking out on your own, according to LoopNet and the CCM Institute.

1. It puts you on equal footing with landlords regarding representation.

The landlords you negotiate with will have commercial real estate brokers (a.k.a., listing reps) advocating for them. You’ll be at a disadvantage without an industry expert on your side during the leasing process. As the CCIM Institute states, “Tenants that retain their own exclusive representation essentially level the playing field by gaining access to critical market information.”  

2. You’ll gain access to exclusive deals and real estate market insights.

A tenant representation broker with extensive knowledge of the local marketplace can ensure landlords don’t overcharge you and that expenses, concessions and the rental rate make sense in the context of market conditions. Additionally, a tenant rep might know about listings and opportunities that you wouldn’t know about otherwise because they aren’t publicly advertised.

3. Tenant representation can save you a significant amount of time.

Without tenant representation services, you’d likely spend hours researching commercial real estate for lease, driving around looking for vacancy signs, and calling listing agents. A tenant rep can streamline your search by taking care of any necessary legwork.

If you’re interested in learning more about tenant representation services, don’t hesitate to contact the Avalon team. We can leverage our tenant rep experience to find a leased business space that meets all your needs.

Our tenant reps can assist you with lease negotiation and financial strategy. Additionally, our researchers can study the labor pool surrounding potential spaces, and our design and construction specialists can transform the property into an enjoyable environment for your staff. Start your search for your ideal space today by calling 847-506-1000 or emailing

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